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  1. I’m a GSM I hope to meet you, actually cant wait to & talk with you. I live in Mooresville N.C. I hope your able to come by my state. I would enjoy talking about my son SSG Stephen J Goodman, he was Army, passed 2008. He gave his all to our country’s freedom. Never left a man behind. Even saved some of his soldier under fired, & saved lives. His last Battalion wrote to my family that he completed his last mission with Honor. I would love to share his life, some of his story’s will make you laugh hard, yes when he came home on leave time I could see his Struggle, Stephen was on the job 24/7 & his dad talked with him & shared what happen to him when he was in service to our country. I believe with all my heart it helped him when he went back. Hope to meet up with you to share.

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